Black Front Mount Intercooler Kit - VW Golf Mk4 GTI | Audi A3 | Seat Leon | Skoda Octavia - 1.8T 20V - 1997-2004

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Audi A3 1.8T 1999-2005 models
Audi TT 1.8T 1998-2006 models (excl. 225bhp)
Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.8t GTI 1998-2006 models
Volkswagen Bora 1.8T 1999-2005 models
Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T 1999-2005 models
Seat Leon MK1 Cupra 1.8T 20V 1999-2005 models
Skoda Octavia 1U2/1U5 1.8T 1999-2005 models (excl. vRS)

"Aluminium intercoolers are an excellent way of safely increasing BHP. They reduce the engine's inlet temperature creating a denser air charge."

Aluminium intercoolers are an excellent way of safely increasing BHP by reducing the engine's inlet temperatures a denser air charge will enter the engine. This will make more power at the same boost level. Aluminium intercoolers are designed to give maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drops.

A black intercooler is more efficient compared with an identical polished unit as the black finish increases the emissivity of the intercooler. Increased emissivity allows the external surface of the intercooler to radiate and disperse heat in a shorter time frame as the temperature differential from inlet to outlet is greater, particularly when the vehicle is stationary.

  • Aluminium bar and plate design intercooler core
  • Please note fitting instructions are NOT included
  • Designed for maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drops
  • Provides increased horsepower capacity
  • Supplied complete as shown
  • Brand new
  • We recommend all cooling components are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment
More Information
Part Number GV1189
Product Category Intercooler / Radiator
Manufacturer Gravity Performance
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Length (mm) 550
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Width (mm) 65
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Height (mm) 175
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Length (mm) 690
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Width (mm) 65
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Height (mm) 200
Intercooler / Radiator - Inlet Size (mm) 63
Intercooler / Radiator - Outlet Size (mm) 63
Intercooler / Radiator - Hose Bore (mm) 51mm / 51mm / 63mm / 50mm - 18mm
Intercooler / Radiator - Ancillaries included 3x50mm straight / 2x63mm straight / 1x50-63mm Reducer / 1x50-57mm Reducer / 6xbracket / 10xbolt
Intercooler / Radiator - Other 1x12mm / 1x18mm
Fitment Position Front
Material Alloy
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